Yadira moved to the United States in 2003 after teaching kindergarten for two years in Mexico. Teaching runs in her family, as her father is is the principal of a university in Mexico which caters specifically to aspiring elementary school teachers.  Since moving to San Francisco and learning English, Yadira has been meeting people from all over the world and loving her time there.

Yadira, who now works at a restaurant in San Francisco, does not underestimate the importance of saving.  She is very responsible, and a hard-worker, and after paying her bills she makes sure to save all the money she can spare. This mentality, coupled with the encouragement and support of the staff and volunteers at her tax site, is what encouraged her to split and save part of her tax refund.  To someone having a hard time finding motivation to save, Yadira says “I would tell people not to give up on their dream.  Every refund and every little save can be the beginning of a better life.”

Yadira is from San Francisco, California, and filed her taxes at Mission Economic Development Agency.