“No matter how little I have, I always try to save for emergencies, and my child’s education.” Lishana knows how important it is to have money put away, and also believes that every little bit she can add to her savings can go a long way.  Lishana, a very busy woman, is a single mother who divides her time between part-time work as a file clerk and attending nursing school.  When she’s not working or in school, she loves spending time outdoors with her family. “I love family outings at the zoo, a garden, the beach, or the park!”

She decided to split and save using SaveYourRefund to continue to work towards her two major savings goals.  In addition to saving up to buy her own car, she is always putting money aside, even if only a little bit at a time, for her son’s college fund. “This is exciting, I have never won anything before!”

Lishana is from Miami, Florida, and filed her taxes at the United Way Center for Financial Stability.