Jimmy was not always aware of the importance of saving, because, like many of us, its not something that he was taught growing up. Having to learn the hard way, saving money wasn’t something that he learned to embrace until he was ‘a bit older’.  Now, at 33, Jimmy realizes how important it is to have a savings cushion, “not for the present, but for a more stable future”.

Jimmy works for a water department in Salt Lake City, and when he’s not working, he loves the outdoors and experiencing the amazing nature that Utah has to offer.  With continued savings, Jimmy’s goal is to be able to purchase his own home, and these winnings will go towards that goal.

“Saving money is a sacrifice, but I feel it will lead to a light at the end of the tunnel,” Jimmy said. “It means that you have to question your wants vs. your needs and maybe give up some convenience as an extra cost.” He realizes, though, that this sacrifice is a necessary one.

When asked what Jimmy would say to someone struggling to save or deciding whether to enter SaveYourRefund, his answer was simple:

“Plan for the future. SaveYourRefund.”

Jimmy is from Salt Lake City and filed his taxes at Northwest Rec Center, an affiliate of CAP Utah.