Jessica, a very kind woman with a big heart and a bubbling personality, knows all too well how important it is to save.  A devoted fiance and loving mother of three children, Jessica works part-time at a nursing center as a cook. “My family has never really had good luck with things,” she says.

“Saving money is very difficult, especially when unplanned and unexpected things happen that affect your loved ones or your living situation. I’m a real example of this.” Over the past couple of years, Jessica’s family has seen their fair share of difficulties, almost entirely caused by unforeseeable medical emergencies.  After her son was hospitalized just before Christmas last year, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Additional health scares to both Jessica and her mother, coupled with ongoing medical bills, have caused Jessica and her family to put a lot of their dreams on hold.

Through saving, Jessica and her fiance are trying to get back on track. “This prize money will absolutely help towards us saving up more money again towards our goals!”  Right now, her biggest goal is to purchase a home. “This way, our children can always have no worries.  The way things are going, it would be great for us to have a great, safe place to call home.”

Jessica is very grateful to have participated in SaveYourRefund, and can still hardly believe that she won. “I would strongly encourage EVERYONE to use SaveYourRefund.  You can start saving and be one step closer to what you want to accomplish.  No more talking about saving.  Its time to actually save and get your dreams and goals accomplished–or at least bring you one step closer!”

Jessica is from Ohio and filed her taxes at Cuyahoga EITC Coalition.