Diana Borges, a loving mother of one son, lives in Durham, North Carolina, where she works and attends school.  Though she tries to put away some money every month regardless of the time of year, Diana recognizes that tax season is an ideal time to save. “Using SaveYourRefund is a great tool because you can’t miss something you never had. Its Perfect!”

There are often setbacks in life that make it harder for us to save, and Diana is no exception to this rule. In her eyes, saving money can be difficult because “Life is expensive”.  With a salary that isn’t always consistent, its often hard for people to save the same amount each month, if they can even save at all.

“Life happens and sometimes [my savings] need to be dipped into, but I do my best, and winning $100 is a great gift towards future savings.”  It helps Diana that she has a constant goal toward which she is saving: her son’s future.  With strong and consistent savings efforts, Diana plans to put her son through college.

Diana is extremely grateful to the volunteers and staff at Reinvestment Partners. “Thanks again! I am glad that there is a service in this area that is friendly and reliable: your services are greatly appreciated, see you next year!”

Diana is from North Carolina and filed her taxes at Reinvestment Partners.