Denise, an extremely hard worker and proud mother of two, has always found it difficult to save.  With a part-time job and a Social Security disability check as her only sources of income, Denise has often seen her goals as being more like dreams than realistic options. Nonetheless, she saw her tax refund as a perfect chance to get a good start on saving. “It is money that is extra and goes right into my account. Also, it is paying myself first, before paying for other things.”

Denise raised her two children alone since they were toddlers, and they have since gone on to become extremely successful; one just became a nurse and the other is an accountant.  With continued savings, Denise hopes to achieve a few goals by June of 2016.  She would like to be able to finish her car payments, help her 87-year-old mother stay comfortable in her home, and fulfill her dream of going on a cruise.  After all of her hard work, she deserves it!  Denise is extremely grateful to the volunteers and staff at Rochester CASH. “They have been very kind and helpful and I would like to say thank you! I am hopeful that I will continue to try and save a little each month.”

Denise is from Webster, New York, and got her taxes filed at the Rochester CASH Irondequoit tax site.