“Having money in savings helps in case of emergencies as well as having extra funds for something fun,” Ashley says, and fun is indeed something she values. A single mother of one, Ashley splits her time between working and “going on adventures” with her daughter.

In order to maintain this balance, Ashley has learned to be a saver, and does not underestimate the importance of having money set aside; be it for a rainy day, or just a fun one. A saver by nature, Ashley couldn’t resist the added temptation of SaveYourRefund.

“Everyone needs that little bump.  Using SaveYourRefund just gave me an extra incentive to do what I’ve already been doing with my tax refund.”

She spoke about savings being hard for a couple of reasons.  First of all, people have their necessary expenses that simply need to be paid.  In addition to that, a lot of people have expenses that, though they may not be absolutely necessary, they have come to see as a part of their spending routine. This is what she loves about SaveYourRefund: it gives you a chance to spend money that isn’t already going to those expenses.

“Tax refunds are a great way to build a savings because it isn’t money you come to rely on every month, like a paycheck, so you don’t need the money in your day-to-day budget.”  With her savings this year, Ashley plans to continue to fund her daughters education.

Ashley is from Salt Lake City and filed her taxes at Northwest Rec Center, an affiliate of CAP Utah.