Check out some words of wisdom from our SaveYourRefund Partners below!

Granite United Way believes SaveYourRefund puts the fun in refund.

By providing people with the opportunity to win cash prizes, SaveYourRefund adds an extra dimension to the work we do during tax time. We’ve awarded more prize money than any program in the country. We’ve had two SaveYourRefund grand prize winners file taxes at our sites in New Hampshire.

Filing taxes can be complicated and bewildering for people, but SaveYourRefund has not only provided cash that families can enjoy, it has also changed the tone during tax time from somber to a more positive experience. Through SaveYourRefund, we’ve given eight $100 cash prizes. We believe all of our savers are winners because they’ve put money into a savings account.

Cassanda, who won $10,000 in Laconia this year, is a single mother who was working three jobs as a nursing assistant while putting herself through school. After becoming a SaveYourRefund grand prize winner, she wants to turn her dream of owning a hair salon into reality.


The River Center is a family and community resource center that provides tax filing assistance and money coaching to families in New Hampshire. As part of New Hampshire’s CASH Coalition, we believe SaveYourRefund aligns with our mission.

Last year, we encouraged everyone who came to file taxes to save a portion of their refund and enter SaveYourRefund. One person who filed with us was a grand prize winner.

Tara, won $10,000 after filing her taxes at The River Center. After battling a chronic illness, she now has an emergency fund and is saving towards retirement.

We believe tax time saving is important because it’s a time that tax tilers have a large amount of money at once, and it’s easier for them to save. Saving at tax time is crucial because otherwise, some families are worried about spending money on rent or groceries instead of saving.

We hope we will increase the number of people who want to split their refund and enter SaveYourRefund. Incentivizing saving is a great way to encourage people to save.

East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation (EBALDC) is a non-profit community development organization with more than 40 years of experience in building healthy neighborhoods in Oakland and East Bay, California. In 2018, more than 200 savers entered SaveYourRefund through EBALDC.

We believe SaveYourRefund provides a great opportunity to incentivize saving. One of our tax filers won a $100 prize twice in two different years.

Many of our tax filers started saving money because of the incentive to win. We talk to people about saving money, as early as when they call in to make an appointment. We talk about the opportunity to win cash prizes through SaveYourRefund and we encourage them to save. We do this as one of the final steps in tax preparation, so tax filers can save before they leave.

In addition to providing free tax preparation, we teach our tax filers about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and much more. We believe saving at tax time is critical to financial development. When a person saves money during tax time, they improve the financial health of our community.

United Way of Wine Country believes in improving the community through leadership, community engagement and effective investment. For many, tax time is the only time they will receive extra income. Tax time is the best time to consider putting money aside.

SaveYourRefund inspires people to save, that small change of behavior could last a lifetime and be passed on to generations. United Way of Wine Country partners with SaveYourRefund because it is a simple and fun way to encourage saving. With our average filer making a household income of $24,000 each year, suggesting savings in a fun way is rewarding.

When we learned that a tax filer from our site won a $25,000 grand prize, it felt amazing. We knew the money would truly make an impact on our winner and her family.  The staff and volunteers at United Way of Wine Country were happy to witness a family received an opportunity to turn some of their dreams into reality. SaveYourRefund reminded us that we have genuine interest in the lives of our clients.