A program was brought to my attention this week, and even though I hate to reward procrastinators, I’m going to write about it anyway. Knowledge of the program may encourage those who have not yet filed their taxes and are expecting a refund to save a portion of the refund. If you’ve already filed for 2013 and usually get a refund, keep this program in mind when you file for tax year 2014. The program is called SaveYourRefund, and it was created by the nonprofit Doorways to Dreams (D2D) Fund.

I spoke with Preeti Mehta, director of project incubation for the D2D Fund, and she said the program is in its second year and is targeted to low and intermediate income taxpayers but is open to any of the more than 100 million expecting a tax refund. The major sponsors of the SaveYourRefund program are Ford Foundation, Intuit, Capital One Investing for Good and The Annie E. Casey Foundation. There is no cost to enter, and if you direct at least $50 of your tax refund directly into an IRA, bond or personal savings account, you have a chance to win cash prizes. (read more)