Check out stories and some of this year’s lucky $100 winners!

We asked SaveYourRefund entrants why they save, and here’s what they said:

For Sara, a winner from Fremont Family Resource Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, saving is all about laying a solid foundation for her daughter’s future. “I want to save for my daughter’s college education. I have struggled all my life and never got the chance to further my education. I want her to have the opportunity that I never got to have. I don’t want her to have to live paycheck to paycheck.”

Irayda is a janitorial worker in the city of Long Beach, CA and has immigrated from her home country of Mexico over 20 years ago. She entered SaveYourRefund through the Building Skills Partnership. Irayda wanted to save part of her refund so that she can have funds for an emergency and for her daughter’s education. She wants to set a good example to her family and continue to motivate her daughter, Citlali, who is a Sophomore at the University of California Davis with a major in Political Science. 

For Natalia, saving was a tool for continuing her education to advance her career. “This semester, I’m graduating with an Associate Degree in Accounting, and I would like to continue my education by perusing a Master’s Degree in Accounting. It’s very pricey, and saving the refund will help me to realize my goal.” Natalia and Roger were winners from United Way Bay Area in San Francisco, CA.

Julie, a winner from United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee in South Florida, also emphasized building a better financial future for her family: “I chose to save this year because I know I need to prepare to save as much as I can for my daughter’s future.”

Daniel and Tina Rees have utilized several of the free tax sites offered by the Green River Asset Building Coalition in Owensboro, Kentucky over the last nine years. This year they were able to put a down payment on a “new to them” van, and still save a small portion of our refund, which qualified them for the SaveYourRefund contest! Daniel shared, “Winning this $100, puts us that much closer to paying off the Van, without touching our new savings, Thank you!”

“I decided to save a portion of my tax return to help with my student loan payoff. I thank VITA for encouraging us to save. I’m also grateful to VITA for assisting me every year on my tax returns.”
~Melissa Diaz, United Way of the Bay Area $100 winner